Always-On™ Managed Services

Always-OnSince downtime, or more accurately, the prevention of downtime, has become more critical for successfully running a business dependent on computer systems, All Mountain Technologies has developed our Always-On line of managed services. Always-On™ is your true Outsourced IT Department. Our goal with Always-On™ is to proactively maintain systems by anticipating and remediating issues BEFORE our clients are even aware of them — BEFORE those potential issues can affect business operations.

AMT has developed a unique understanding that many of the businesses within the Vail Valley don’t run on standard business hours and need 24 hour connectivity.  As a result, AMT has developed Always-On in which AMT is acting as a true outsourced IT department at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.  Our team has the experience, expertise and skills that cannot be provided by a single technician.  Always-On provides discounted after hours support, custom ‘low to no’ hardware markups, more project/non-remediation work, and all reactive services provided within regular business hours, whether onsite or remote, is included in the monthly fee.  With Always-On, AMT’s all-inclusive, proactive and reactive technical services become more accessible and affordable, no matter what time of day it is.

Services Include:

  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Automated Remediation
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • LogMeIn Remote Access
  • Online Support Ticket Entry
  • Same Day Priority Response
  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • Discounted Engineer Rate
  • Limited Vendor Management
  • Preferred Project Rates
  • Low-to-no Markup Margin on Hardware
  • Remote Reactive Technical Services
  • Onsite Reactive Technical Services
  • Discounted After Hours Rates

Microsoft Exchange has become the standard business solution for an all-inclusive email service due to its ability to keep email, tasks, calendars and contacts in sync and at your fingertips no matter what device you’re using. Hosted Exchange has become a cost effective solution for small businesses looking for this simple connectivity provided by exchange. AMT has combined a partnership with one of the largest hosted exchange providers with our unlimited help desk support and friendly staff to deliver enterprise level exchange function, redundancy and uptime to keep your business communications running simply and smoothly. With AMT’s Hosted Exchange you get unlimited mailbox storage, 30 MB attachment limit inbound and outbound, up to 5 aliases, Active Sync to your mobile devices and for an additional fee your Blackberry can be configured to receive email as well.
Spam filtering is a great way to help protect your computer or network and cut out junk mail. Business level spam filtering includes outbound filtering so you are not sending virus-laced emails to your customers.  A spam filter works by comparing parameters in incoming mail to lists of configurable rules. For example, a spam filter can be set to check the subject heading of incoming mail for terms associated with pornography, pharmaceuticals and other common spam products. The sender field might also be filtered for ranges of IP address associated with spammers or marketers. Over the years, spammers have become more sophisticated in their attempts to get junk mail past spam filters. Spam will often include innocuous or even personable subject headings such as “Hi!” or “Regarding your inquiry,” making it difficult for a general ISP spam filter to tell spam from legitimate email. Therefore, some spam still gets passed from Internet mail servers to connected private networks and to end-users. However, spam filtering provided by All Mountain Technologies can keep your inbox clean and keep unwarranted emails in your online quarantine for review at your leisure.
Email has become the primary form of communication for today’s businesses making it essential to have a system in place to preserve the information it contains. AMT’s email archiving service creates a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal email that is encrypted and archived securely so it’s available when recovery is needed. Should that happen, the recovery process is a simple search in which the located email or attachment is restored directly to your desktop. No IT professional is necessary, but of course we’re always here to assist you if needed.

AMT’s Virtual CIO services provide business owners with the critical information and guidance necessary to utilize technology as a strategic advantage to their business. By providing this service as part of our Always-On Managed Services, AMT has allowed our small and medium sized business partners to gain access to the same enterprise class processes and information that larger companies receive from their Chief Information Officer (CIO), even if they don’t have an enterprise class budget.

AMT uses data based on metrics from our monitoring system and client service history to develop reports. These reports are then used during periodic technology reviews to develop a “technology roadmap.” This roadmap is a short and long term plan used to identify, prioritize, implement, and budget for any necessary technology solutions needed to benefit your company. These strategic IT meetings also provide an opportunity to discuss any unique IT challenges specific to your business which may require AMT to tailor our monitoring, automation, and response services to your particular needs. Thus, AMT’s vCIO service brings you, our small business clients, the personalized service and enterprise class processes and information that would have come from your own internal IT department.

Tired of that old antivirus program interrupting what you’re doing by slowing your PC down to a crawl when it runs a scan? Then it’s time for a change to the next-generation antivirus + antispyware that is NOT a resource hog! AMT offers a high-performance security software that won’t slow down your PC like older, traditional antivirus products. A partial list of AMT’s powerful features include:

  • Does not slow down your PC
  • All-new technology: antivirus + antispyware engine
  • Advanced anti-rootkit technology
  • Real-time monitoring and protection
  • Antivirus and anti-phishing email security
  • Remote device scanning

Rely on AMTs Business Level Security to protect your small business against data theft and risky websites. Block internet threats before they reach your PC’s, Mac’s, or file and mail servers – increasing protection, while preventing computer slow down.