Backup and Disaster Recovery

Why Do You Need Backup and Disaster Recovery? Click Here!

Businesses in today’s world have placed one of their most valuable assets in the hands of technology – information and data. Think about it. If disaster struck today, would your business survive? Sure you can replace hardware and software, but information and data are irreplaceable. All Mountain Technologies can develop a custom backup and disaster recovery plan that fits your business and your budget. Call us today – before it’s too late!

The AMT BDR is premise hardware that provides true server redundancy. It can take backups every 15 minutes and in the case of a disaster it can act as a virtual server until your server can be replaced. This can cut critical down time from days to hours. Best of all, off site backup can be added to the AMT BDR making it the most reliable backup and disaster recovery on the market to date.

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