All Mountain Technologies Employee Spotlight – Meet Pam Elliott

Oct 3, 2021

All Mountain Technologies Employee Spotlight – Meet Pam Elliott

Meet Pam Elliott, Operations Director

Pam ElliottPam Elliott started working with All Mountain Technologies (AMT) in 2016. As the Operations Director, Pam oversees our technical department to ensure a consistent and high-level delivery of service.

Pam’s knowledge, skills, experience, and leadership are essential assets to AMT, and we are grateful to have her. She provides escalated technical support, training, and consistency to the AMT team.

Pam was born in Decatur, IN. Realizing she was meant for the mountains, once she moved to Vail, she never looked back. She has three degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications from Indiana University, Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue, and a Master’s degree from Regis University in Information Assurance.

Pam originally started in electrical engineering and discovered that she had a knack for IT when she landed an internship at Lexmark. Her propensity for technology, like most tech junkies, stems from an enjoyment of solving problems and the challenging, fast-paced work environment that IT offers.

Pam loves skiing and enjoys mountain biking, hiking, golfing, walking her dog, and all that Colorado has to offer. She loves traveling to different countries as well.

“Currently, my must-have tech is Alexa. I am fascinated by it and I am now linking my entire home to it so I can do most everything via voice command. How cool is that? Now, if I only had a robot named Rosie!” – Pam Elliott, All Mountain Technologies