Always-On™ Managed Services

Based on industry-standard best practices, Always-On managed service is designed to provide continuous support that anticipates and prevents business disruptions before they occur. Take the worry and frustration out of running your business IT networks.

Always-On Managed Services for Business Continuous Technology Support

Proactive IT Support

Our Always-On Managed Service is designed to keep your business network systems and computers up to date and running smoothly and continuously with no downtime and maximum efficiency.

Dedicated Help Desk

Our dedicated help desk provides helpful technical support when you need it most. Our knowledgeable, certified engineers are armed with the latest remote access tools to solve your issues in a timely matter.

Email Services & Office 365 Migration

We support and manage the efficiency of your domains, SSL, security, and overall fluidity of incoming emails. We handle migration service, encryption, data loss prevention, user management, spam filtering & phishing.

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP technology allows you to make calls over broadband internet rather than a regular landline. This allows companies to easily communicate with clients all over the world & with multiple users. The advantages of VoIP are cost, voice quality, accessibility & flexibility.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can be a great option for clients with multiple or mobile offices. By hosting your infrastructure and data in the cloud there is no longer a need for on-site servers. The cloud allows users to access and send files anywhere there is a strong internet connection.

Document Management

This service allows you to backup, control, manage, access and secure files through a framework that manages data. Some features this service provides are network diagrams, password protection, and software updates.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backing up data in case of a loss and setting up systems that allows data recovery in the event of data loss or corruption by copying and archiving computer data. We work with your company to formulate a plan to back-up your IT infrastructure and to recover it in the event of an unforeseen disaster.


We plan, implement and manage your computer systems and other computing hardware devices linked together to facilitate communication and resource-sharing among a wide range of users includes switches, routing protocol, firewalls, cable modems, DLS and more.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions means transmitting signals over invisible radio waves instead of wires. We can survey, plan, design, implement and support a wireless plan that works for your company efficiently and financially. Get ready to cut the cord.

Multiple Location Service

When your company is growing or already has multiple locations we provide services to each location that streamlines the integration process of all your locations and remote offices so they work together seamlessly.

File Sharing

Business-level file share program allows a secure, easy way to share files within your business. Similar to a product like dropbox but customized for a business platform. It’s local, cloud-based & efficient, allowing you to be away from the office but still connected.


We plan and implement security measures to protect your computer systems, networks and data. AMT stays up-to-date on the latest intelligence, in order to anticipate security breaches and prevent them.

Monthly Flat Fee

Our predictable fixed monthly fee makes it easy to budget for your annual IT needs. No more surprise costs during the year, to make you go over budget


Projects include setting up new locations, wireless configurations, email migrations, auditing & consultation services, backup & disaster recovery, business continuity planning & installing new hardware. Projects are outside Always-On Managed Services but we are experts at planning and implementing the projects you need

Always-On Monthly Fixed Rate Includes:

  • Dedicated Team of Experts / Customized IT plan / Annual Account Review
  • Risk/Security Management / Help Desk Service/ Network Operations & Monitoring Center Services
  • On-site and Remote Support / Business Technology Strategy / Account Management
  • Purchasing Services and Procurement Advice / Business Continuity Planning
  • Managed Backup / Disaster Recovery Testing / Continuous Training of End-Users
  • Proactive Maintenance of Hardware, Software, and Operating Systems
  • Client Web Portal Access / Vendor Management / Proactive On-site Visits
All Mountain Technologies Manages Service Benefits