Meet The Team - Ravi Kumar

Help Desk Technician

Ravi Kumar

Meet The Team

Ravi “Roland” Kumar is an All Mountain Technologies’ systems engineer. He brings his unique perception and knowledge to the team. Welcome onboard Roland!

Ravi “Roland” Kumar

We are happy to introduce Roland Kumar to the All Mountain Technologies Team. We sat down with Roland, a systems engineer, to find out what drives him to wake up everyday and attack the hardest technology issues.

Where Did You Grow Up?

“I spent my childhood growing up in New Delhi. Currently, I live in Delhi, India’s capital territory. It is a large metropolitan area that is always full of energy.“

Where Did You Go To School?

“I attended Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, formerly Agra University, a state university located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

I am certified from Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) and Microsoft O365 Advance level.”

When Did You First Become Interested in Technology?

“I started assembling computers when I was 16, because even then I realized If you’re interested in being on the precipice of research, discovery, development and innovation, there is likely no better industry to be in… Technology professionals are embedded into a culture of movement, growth and advancement, and that’s exactly where I want to be.”

What Was Your Favorite Job?

“I was a member of a 5-person team, and we worked together on a variety of large-scale projects where each of us was responsible for one part of the project. I really enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the job, and liked seeing how all the pieces of our projects came together in the end. The teamwork aspect of that job — and this job at All Mountain Technologies — is something that greatly appeals to me, because I typically end up learning a lot about what I’m capable of when working in synch with others.”

What’s Your Favorite Hobby?

“In my spare time I love driving and listening to music during off-hours.”

What Can’t You Live Without?

“Well I’d have to say, my lovely wife and son and of course, music”

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Job At All Mountain Technologies?

“I work as a Help Desk Technician here at AMT. I like the autonomy I have because my bosses allow me to innovate.”

Roland joined the AMT team in 2020, he remotes into the office via the technology he loves so much. We are so happy to have him onboard and he is ready to solve any technical issue your business may have.