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written by rob bruce posted on March 11, 2020

Offering Hospitality Partners Professional IT Solutions

Today, so much of the hotel sector is dependent on IT. There are so many different systems within each hotel such as wireless connectivity, key cards, security cameras, POS systems, online reservations, websites or any of the other multitude of essential services, that are all dependent on technology to run. All Mountain Technologies can take this time-consuming, frustrating responsibility off your plate and ensures ALL of your systems work together smoothly and seamlessly.

All Mountain Technologies (AMT) is an engaged IT Managed Service Provider (MSP). An MSP can either manage the entire IT workload or work in tandem with existing IT hotel staff to provide specific services and equipment that the hotel needs, for a set monthly fee. This frees the hotel staff to focus on other important business. We can help with many IT chores that need to be attended to including:

  • Automate daily, routine IT tasks
  • Monitor & maintain current IT infrastructure and systems
  • Work with Property Management software vendors
  • Upgrade PMS systems, software and patches when required
  • Help desk response to solve issues fast
  • Perform preventative maintenance to detect and prevent future issues
  • Implement solutions to scale business and meet goals
  • Ensure data security is properly implemented as required
  • Deliver support in times of crisis to resolve it quickly with guaranteed SLA
  • Implement business continuity and disaster recovery solutions (turnkey or managed)
  • Latest technology and security requirements
  • Keep technology within budget, with no financial surprises
  • Provide hospitality sector technology experts
  • Develop technology strategies
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      What We Can Take Off Your Plate

      Bookings & Property Management Systems – Bookings and reservations are the lifeblood of any hotel. Hotels must have enough bandwidth to support reservations with no downtime. Downtime means lost revenue and lost customers. Networks cannot be overwhelmed, everything must work flawlessly, especially when traffic is high. AMT ensures your network and infrastructure is robust enough to handle your visitor load while continuing to book and bill quickly and efficiently, especially during peak season.

      PMS System Integration – AMT engages with a variety of world-class ski resort hospitality partners, using many different PMS systems. We know Property Management software and how it works. Because of our experience we offer a high degree of knowledge and expertise – no matter the platform. Our engineers have seen almost every PMS system out there and we can help with yours, right out of the box. Property management systems can be complicated and time-consuming to maintain. Keeping reservations, availability, occupancy, check-in/out, images, onsite property activities, guest profiles, reports, POS, CRS, room keys, restaurant and banquet billing, minibar, telephone and more working seamlessly is important. AMT ensures all systems work together, efficiently.

      Database Backup & Recovery– With the ever-increasing amount of digital payments, and the sheer amount of customer data in your care, cyber security is vital. All systems must be closely monitored, data frequently backed up, and a disaster recovery strategy must be in place. AMT ensures your data is secure and always available in the event of an emergency or disaster so you can be back up and running quickly.

      Improved Guest Experience – Spotty wireless connections and slow internet will frustrate your guests who expect the same reliable connections and speed they have in the office and at home. Prospective guests can be dismayed by a troublesome network if they can’t easily navigate and book on your website. All Mountain Technologies can implement a fast internet with reliable wireless connectivity to increase guest experience (no more wireless complaints on Trip Advisor). AMT can enhance your guest experience by making it easier for your guest to interact with your hotel technology.

      Guest Safety Issues – Whether its key cards, security cameras or customer data security, it’s important that your guests feel physically safe as well as confident in the fact that they have trusted you with their credit card information and personal details. AMT ensure that your Guest Safety systems work flawlessly, conveniently and behind-the-scenes, so your customers are happy and feel secure while at your hotel.

      POS Integration – A hotel’s Point of Sale system is another very important revenue generating system. Ensuring bookings, restaurant transactions, gift shop/retail transactions and other room charges are all correctly collected and paired with its corresponding guest is critical. If a hotel’s POS system goes down, the hotel loses money, if this happens during a high traffic week it’s disastrous. AMT can ensure your POS is able to handle the demands of peak traffic effortlessly.

      Cloud Services – Cloud services removes the need for on-site server rooms and dedicated IT spaces. However, cloud services can be a challenge to manage and implement, AMT takes the responsibility of implementing and maintaining your cloud presence off your plate.

      24/7 Support – Means we’ve always got your back. If there’s a problem, we are your first line of defense, the boots on the ground. We can remote into your system or send technicians to your hotel if needed. If the problem lies with an outside vendor, we know the channels and people to get the problem resolved quickly. We also learn your system like the back of our hand, this familiarity means we always know what to do and our constant IT monitoring means that the likelihood of a problem is very low.

      Work with Existing IT Staff – We can work in tandem with existing IT staff, by taking over redundant, time-consuming jobs that they shouldn’t waste their time on, like monitoring, updating, patching or tasks that they might not be trained to do, like Office365 implementation, off their plate so they can focus on the important IT goals of the business.

      Support of Multiple/Additional Locations – We developed our tool set to respond quickly and efficiently – and often remotely – to all hospitality needs. This means we can scale your successful business from one location to another, no matter where your other locations may be. As a hospitality sector technology expert, our business is designed to help you grow, painlessly.

      Are you ready for YOUR technology to finally work for you? Contact the IT specialists at All Mountain Technologies today to make your business more efficient, organized and successful. All Mountain Technologies is a managed service provider servicing Vail, Summit County, Glenwood Springs, Steamboat Springs, Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce is CEO of All Mountain Technologies and is passionate about helping business owners succeed. He leads a dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering exceptional IT service and solutions. With over 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of the IT industry, Rob ensures that clients receive the highest level of support and guidance for their IT needs.