Meet The Team - Brian O’Shaughnessy

Hello, I’m Brian O’Shaughnessy, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SkyTide Group, the parent company of All Mountain Technologies.

Before stepping into this role, I served as the President of ITConnexx, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in DePere, Wisconsin. My journey with ITConnexx was marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to delivering top-notch IT services to our clients.

In an exciting and strategic move, ITConnexx merged with All Mountain Technologies, a respected MSP in Colorado. This merger formed SkyTide Group, our parent company, which combines the strengths, resources, and expertise of both ITConnexx and All Mountain Technologies. This union allows us to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently across different geographical locations.

As the CEO of SkyTide Group, I am dedicated to driving our vision forward, ensuring that we provide unparalleled IT solutions and services. Our combined forces enable us to offer a broader range of resources and a deeper pool of expertise to our clients. My focus is on fostering innovation, enhancing operational efficiencies, and maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Leading SkyTide Group is an incredible privilege, and I am proud of the talented teams from ITConnexx and All Mountain Technologies who have come together to make this venture a success. Our collaborative approach and shared commitment to excellence position us as a leader in the MSP industry.

Outside of work, I enjoy golfing and visiting with friends and family, and I am passionate about community involvement and continuous learning. I look forward to the exciting journey ahead and to the continued growth and success of SkyTide Group.