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Cloud Desktops Are Here To Stay


written by rob bruce posted on July 17, 2021

Cloud Desktops Are Here To Stay

Was the pandemic your business’ first organization-wide use of the cloud? While remote work may have made cloud solutions a necessity over the past year and a half, that doesn’t mean you should stop using them once the pandemic has concluded.

The cloud — and the cloud desktop, in particular — is here to stay. Find out more about this type of cloud solution in our latest video.

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What Are Cloud Desktops?

A cloud desktop solution takes what’s on your computer and moves it to the cloud. When you use a cloud desktop, all of your icons, wallpaper, folders, toolbars, etc. are stored remotely on a server rather than on your computing device.

With the right authorization, your computing environment can be accessed from any computing device. When you’re away from the office, all you need is a device and to sign in to your virtual environment.

A cloud desktop environment lets your staff access applications and documents from multiple devices like workstations, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This increases productivity because your employees can access the data they need from anywhere.

Cloud-based solutions are shortening the technology gap between small and large companies by enabling users to leverage enterprise-grade solutions at small business prices. This became especially apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic, as businesses around the world adopted cloud solutions to support their remote workers.

Why Do Cloud Desktops Offer You?

  1. Access from Anywhere: Work from home, on the go, or even while on vacation in a different country.
  2. Predictable IT cost: One simple fee for cloud desktops includes complete management of servers, applications, and data.
  3. Total Reliability: The cloud’s enterprise-level infrastructure and redundant architecture give you 99.999% uptime.
  4. No IT Hassle: No need to worry about upgrades or patches. If there is anything your end customers need, your cloud provider has you covered. They’re always just an email, phone call, or support ticket away.
  5. Reliable Security: Your cloud desktop data is secured with a robust suite of defensive features.

All Mountain Technologies Delivers User-Friendly Cloud Desktop Services

Our team can provide your staff a range of hosted cloud computing options that will help increase your efficiency and productivity, without having to risk your data. By managing your cloud hosting services, we will:

  • Work with you to assess, design, implement and support cloud computing while reducing IT capital costs and increasing employee productivity.
  • Define business and technology requirements before we recommend a cloud strategy. Our team will work with your business and IT leaders to help compare costs over time and determine what role cloud computing should play in your plans.
  • Assess the business value and business impact before presenting you with a customized cloud strategy. As part of this assessment, we will make sound recommendations on public, private, or hybrid cloud environments that are the best fit for your business.

Talk to our technicians about our cloud desktop services and how they will benefit your organization.

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce is CEO of All Mountain Technologies and is passionate about helping business owners succeed. He leads a dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering exceptional IT service and solutions. With over 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of the IT industry, Rob ensures that clients receive the highest level of support and guidance for their IT needs.