Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will have a grand time experiencing the natural beauty of Avon, Colorado, and learning about the wonders of the environment at Walking Mountains Science Center. Located at the base of the Beaver Creek Mountain, this organization offers a range of activities for people of all ages. From guided hikes and eco tours to interactive exhibits and programs, Walking Mountains Science Center is a fun and educational destination that everyone should explore. Let’s discover more about this fascinating place in this blog post.

Walking Mountains Science Center offers something unique and exciting for visitors through its interactive exhibits. Within the center, you will find an amazing array of displays, including a mineral exhibit, wildlife exhibits, water table, and solar-powered owl exhibit. In addition to these indoor exhibits, the center also features a variety of outdoor exhibits to explore, including gardens and a schoolyard habitat. Furthermore, guests can learn about energy conservation and sustainable living through the use of the campus’ “green” features, like photovoltaic panels and a solar-thermal array.

One of the most popular activities that the Walking Mountains Science Center offers is their guided hikes. These hiking excursions are led by nature guides who take visitors on a journey through the mountains, pointing out various flora and fauna, and instructing visitors on how to correctly identify them. Most of the hikes are educational in nature, meaning visitors can learn about geology, ecology, and many other aspects of nature. The guides are knowledgeable, engaging, and always willing to answer questions from their guests.

If you’re looking to take your knowledge to the next level, the Science Center offers classes and workshops, plus community programs throughout the year. Participants can take part in classes ranging from bird-watching to snow-shoeing to learn about the natural environment in a more specialized way. Meanwhile, their community programs aim to connect people with others who are passionate about the environment, offering a fun and supportive learning environment.

Walking Mountains Science Center is also home to Nature Discovery Center, a unique family-friendly space that aims to share the joys of learning about nature with young children. From engaging displays on local wildlife to hands-on activities like creating a birdhouse, the Nature Discovery Center is the perfect place for kids (and their parents) to learn and explore. Located within the Science Center itself, this center invites children of all ages to come and explore their passion for nature.

In summary, Walking Mountains Science Center is an amazing place to learn about the wonders of nature. From observing wildlife, interactive displays, and guided hikes to engaging classes and community programs, this Science Center is a destination for those passionate about wanting to learn about the environment. And if you have children- the Nature Discovery Center offers an incredible experience for both children and adults to learn, explore, and connect with nature. So, the next time you are in Avon, Colorado, drop in at Walking Mountain Science Center and experience what nature has to offer!

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