• Are your IT efforts focused on improving business system alignment vs. fixing ongoing IT issues?
  • Are you comfortable knowing all proprietary data is secure and properly backed up?
  • Is your IT environment solid and reliable? Does it do what it needs to do from any location?
  • Are you confident that your IT team is always available and will respond quickly to solve issues any time, day or night if support is needed?
  • Do you have a lifecycle budget for IT and are you currently measuring ROI on IT capital projects? Do you have a multi-year IT plan in place?
  • Is your IT system designed to meet your employees needs so they can work effectively and securely in the office or remotely off-site?
  • Do you feel confident that you could easily move to the cloud to achieve your business goals?
  • Are you able to completely focus on your business because your IT is always running smoothly and reliably?

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