Meet The Team - Heather Bruce

Heather Bruce

"My focus is to communicate how crucial the right technology is for business and how by utilizing a partner like AMT your IT will be reliable, easy-to-use and easy to scale so your company can grow."

Heather Bruce has been the Marketing Director at All Mountain Technologies since 2019. We wanted to find out why this decidedly un-technical person has thrown her lot in with a team of highly-skilled, analytical technicians.

Where Did You Grow Up?
“I grew up in upstate New York and graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I have always shied away from mathematics and computers which are both VERY intimidating to me but is second nature to EVERYONE else in the office.”

How Did You First Become Interested In Technology?
“Many years ago, when I met my husband Rob Bruce, the owner of ALL Mountain Technologies. He seemed like a magician, whenever my computer would stop working, like magic he could make it work again. He could fix anything, it was just amazing to see him in action, and it still is, although today, it’s on a much grander scale now.”

What Do You Like About Technology Today?
“As a mom, I love how technology keeps us all connected. I can work from home, my kiddo does his schoolwork on the computer, we find recipes on-line for dinner and book airline tickets and hotel rooms for our family vacations, all on-line, anywhere and at anytime. It is so convenient and it gives me more time with my family!”

What Do You Like Most About AMT?
“Well if I have to pick just one thing, it would have to be the amazing team of technicians that we have here. If I have an IT issue, instead of getting frustrated, I just e-mail them and they solve the issue right away. I hate trying to fix anything on my devices so its nice to have a team that makes everything work seamlessly. Again, its like magic.”

What’s Your Favorite Hobby?
“I love swimming, yoga, hiking, snowboarding and spending time with my family.”

What is Your Primary Job at AMT?
“My primary job is to get the word out that IT, mobile devices and technology can be EASY, reliable and frustration-free. And, when it’s done correctly, technology increases efficiency, collaboration AND your company’s bottom line.
I want everyone to know that our team is dedicated to making technology work for you and your business.”

What’s The One Thing You Can’t Live Without?
“Adventure! I love trying new things and going new places. I am fortunate to have a wonderful family that is always game for new experiences. But our favorite part is always coming back home to the mountains of Colorado.”