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Why Hotels Like Yours Need Managed IT Services…


written by rob bruce posted on December 1, 2021

Why Hotels Like Yours Need Managed IT Services…

Your IT is too important to your hotel’s success to trust in limited or basic support. In order to give your guests the experience they expect and your staff the tools they need to succeed, you need a committed and reliable partner in IT to take care of your technology.

That’s why you need Managed IT Services.

The Many Roles Technology Plays In Your Hotel’s Success

Modern technology is so ingrained in the modern business world that it can be easy to overlook how important it is. It influences the success of your operations in so many different ways, from the guest experience to the security of your finances and data.

In order to better understand the importance of effective IT support, let’s first look at the ways technology affects the many aspects of your daily operations…

Technology Is The Foundation Of The Guest Experience

The modern guest is one that expects convenience in every aspect of their time at your hotel. They want a seamless experience that meets their expectations without them having to ask or give it a second thought.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: You need reliable, fast internet with widespread wireless coverage throughout the entire property. That’s why we recommend that our hospitality clients have enough APIs to ensure no dead spots, along with a secondary IPS to act as a backup.
  • Guest-Facing Systems: You need a fully integrated, correctly scaled, and continually updated PMS system that allows your guests to easily and confidently book rooms, charge restaurants, retail, spa services to their account, and more.
  • Convenience & Speed: Your guests want to be able to rapidly and simply check-in and out, which requires technology-based contactless systems.

Technology Powers Your Operations

IT plays a big role in the daily lives of your staff members as well. In order to do their jobs properly, they need to be able to access data, update systems, and communicate with coworkers and key contacts without issue at a moment’s notice.

  • Communications: You can’t expect a conventional, outdated phone system to meet the needs of a modern hotel. Modern VoIP phones are much more robust, but more difficult to configure and support—yet another task a Managed IT Services provider will handle for you.
  • Maintenance: You can’t expect your staff to stay on top of update and patch management for the many different systems incorporated into your hotel’s IT environment. A Managed IT Services partner can handle the installation, updating, and management of these systems, allowing your staff to focus on their work.
  • Scaling Up & Down: Depending on the time of year, you may require much more extensive IT resources. Instead of arranging one-off consultations as needed, you can rely on a Managed IT Services partner to seamlessly scale up your resources to support you during busy seasons and peak service windows.

Technology Keeps Your Data Secure

The simple fact is that your technology is an integral part of your cybersecurity capabilities. If you want to maintain compliance with regards to guest information, and ensure your data is not at risk, you need to invest in cybersecurity expertise—ideally through a Managed IT Services partner.

  • Compliance: You are expected to meet cybersecurity standards necessary for compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS, which isn’t easy to do if you’re not managing your cybersecurity. Vulnerable systems put data at risk, which increases your chance of being hit with major non-compliance fines.
  • Backup Management: Do you know when your last data backup took place? In order to defend your hotel against threats like ransomware and the extensive downtime that results from data loss, you should have a Managed IT services partner looking after your data backups.
  • Cybercrime Disruptions: A cyber attack can be devastating to your operations. In addition to negative effects to your reputation and potential noncompliance fines, a cyber attack could knock your systems out for hours, if not days. This results in an extensive loss of business, which would be extremely harmful to your brand and bottom line.

5 Reasons To Choose Managed IT Services

  • Access The Latest Technology: A managed IT services company will help you stay ahead of new technologies and take advantage of various security products, mobility solutions, analytics tools, and more. Plus, they make sure you’re not running any sort of outdated equipment, such as unsupported operating systems, keeping you current at all times.
  • Lower Costs: One of the biggest challenges associated with the traditional hourly support model of managing information systems is unexpected costs in terms of repairing equipment, dealing with downtime, or troubleshooting the same problems over and over again. A managed IT services company minimizes unexpected costs as you’re paying them a flat-rate monthly fee to support you in a proactive nature.
  • Enhanced Continuity: Managed IT services give you confidence that comes with knowing you have an effective data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. A managed IT services company will create a comprehensive plan that outlines exactly what to do in the event of data loss and/or an outage.
  • Improved Cybersecurity: You’re able to have peace of mind knowing a managed IT services company is taking care of your cybersecurity. Your provider will deliver a multi-layered solution that incorporates a range of cybersecurity technologies and trains your staff on cybersecurity awareness.
  • Functional IT: Handling information technology on your own often results in a misconfigured environment that doesn’t work well. A managed IT services company will ensure your hardware and software are properly configured to work well together, creating a cohesive environment that’s well-managed and maintained.

Get The IT Expertise You Need To Succeed

All Mountain Technologies will assist you in finding the right IT solutions to enhance the quality of your guests’ experiences at your property. We support 5-star hospitality clients in several geographical areas. Our focus on implementing solutions that can be effectively managed and supported is crucial.

Our team of engineers understands premier support and what goes along with being a premier provider in the service industry. The way we operate and the standards we hold ourselves to as a service provider are exactly the same as our hotel clients who provide top-of-the-line, white-glove service to their high-end clientele.

Get in touch with our team today to secure the committed and comprehensive IT support you need for your hotel’s technology.

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce is CEO of All Mountain Technologies and is passionate about helping business owners succeed. He leads a dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering exceptional IT service and solutions. With over 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of the IT industry, Rob ensures that clients receive the highest level of support and guidance for their IT needs.