How VoIP Can Work For You


written by rob bruce posted on July 13, 2020

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) leads us away from traditional office PBX, the on-location physical equipment that provides voice telephony using physical wires or fiber to transmit analog signals. PBX technology allows for somelimited audio conferencing (though it can be a bit clumsy to set up) as well as voicemail, call forwarding and some other call sorting features. However, a PBX has some serious limitations on available collaboration features and requires a trained technician to configure any changes. Even moving someone to a new office requires expensive labor to move the extension to a different physical location.

VoIP pulls us away from the physical limitations created by the PBX. VoIP turns analog signals (basically your voice) into digital packets that can then be sent via the internet to any destination supported by broadband internet service. Once free to send digital signals via the internet, a whole host of new collaboration tools suddenly become possible.

VoIP matters to working from home because once you are freed from the physical, wired connection of your phone to the world, not only can you take advantage of whatever features your PBX traditionally offered, a whole new range of communication tools become possible. And all of those tools can be accessed on a single platform.

Your organization needs a good business continuity and disaster recovery plan and VoIP can improve your disaster recovery capacity. Due to VoIP’s flexibility, your business can still operate even if a physical location becomes inaccessible.

In Conclusion

With the appearance of Covid-19 and the necessary move to Work From Home (WFH) that came as a result of it, we now see how important technology is to the survival and success of your business, and why a migration to a VoIP environment is essential to modern WFH policies. VoIP technology will enable your organization to maintain and improve productivity and collaboration no matter where your workers are stationed. Adopting VoIP makes it easier to integrate all of your technologies under one roof, meet the demands of WFH, and understand the role your IT and Managed Service provider can play as a strategic partner. Talk to a Managed Service Provider with experience in VoIP to learn more.

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Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce

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