By signing a Business Continuity SOW, each party agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in the SOW and in the MSA This commitment is not subject to the issuance of any further SOWs, purchase orders, confirmations, or other events.

Prices: The prices in SOW are based on payment by Client by ACH and include a 3% cash payment discount. If Client desires to pay by any other means other than ACH, including credit card, the prices stated above shall be increased by 3%. Pricing is formulated based on rented hardware, licenses needed, and storage costs. Any SOW Order Form represents a starting point determined by Solution Provider and Client. Ongoing elements are subject to change on a monthly basis and client invoicing will reflect actual utilization.

Early Termination Fee: In the event Client terminates this SOW for any reason other than Solution Provider’s uncured material breach as allowed in the Agreement, Client shall pay an early termination fee equal to seventy-five percent (75%) of the remaining monthly charges for the partial or whole months of the service term that would have remained after the effective date of termination. The parties agree that the charges in this Section are a genuine estimate of Solution Provider’s actual damages and are not a penalty.

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