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Microsoft Announces the End of Support for Office & Outlook 2007 as well as Windows 10 November Update


written by rob bruce posted on October 11, 2017

This news comes after a decade of the launch of Office & Outlook 2007 and an end of added support for Microsoft 10, November update. The end of the addendum for these products doesn’t mean that they are unusable, but it does mean they are not protected by Microsoft and will no longer receive updates as the company and technology moves forward. It is extremely important to update with Microsoft as this will move you forward in the tech-savvy world, but most importantly protect you and your files. 

An easy way to check if you are working on the old Windows 10 system would be to type the word, winver, in the search box that is located on the task-bar and press Enter. The About windows dialog box will open and display which version is currently working on your computer.

If you have anything earlier than Windows 10 version 1511, its time to update!

You can find out more about the Windows Creator Update here an here