Ooooh, that Surface Book 2

Ooooh, that Surface Book 2


written by rob bruce posted on October 25, 2017

Here at amt, we don’t just manage your IT services and keep your systems running smoothly, we also like to provide products that enhance our users experience and workplace. So here it is; the slick Windows Surface Book 2. Saying we’re a little excited about it would be an understatement.

What’s the big deal? Oh, just…

4 times the power of the previous Surface Book

Battery life up to 17 hours

15” or 13.5” displays

1TB of super fast storage and 16GB of RAM

Graphic performance that out-measures the original by 5 times

4 modes of use: Laptop, Studio, View, and Tablet

Dynamic ports

Surface pen and on-screen  Surface Dial inputs

…and much, much more. The new Surface Book 2 can operate under multiple use of large design programs all while providing crystal clear graphics through their PixelSense™ Display.

Plus, you’ll feel pretty cool flipping your laptop around into a tablet and, oh, into view mode while you show off what you’ve been working on with a projector. Overall, I’d say we’re pretty pumped to be a partner with Microsoft.

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce is CEO of All Mountain Technologies and is passionate about helping business owners succeed. He leads a dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering exceptional IT service and solutions. With over 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of the IT industry, Rob ensures that clients receive the highest level of support and guidance for their IT needs.