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written by rob bruce posted on June 5, 2023

Don’t Change Property Management Software Without Asking These 8 Questions First

For any hotel, finding the right property management software (PMS) is vital to its success and growth. This type of software helps optimize both front and back-office operations related to hospitality including managing reservations, pricing and availability, customer service, analytics, payroll, accounting, and more. It also provides hotel owners with an improved view of their daily operations for better decision-making.

That said, there are a lot of PMS options on the market. You’re undoubtedly using one right now, and if it’s not meeting your needs, chances are you’re looking to upgrade sometime soon. Before you do, make sure you know what to take into consideration, and how to migrate effectively.

The Power Of The Right Property Management Software

Having the right PMS in place can boost efficiency by streamlining processes such as check-in/check-out procedures while also allowing staff to be more organized in handling guest requests or queries. Additionally, it allows hotels to track occupancy rates accurately so they can properly forecast demand or adjust prices accordingly.

With enhanced data acquisition capabilities like this at their disposal, hotel owners and operators can gain valuable insights into their customer base and occupancy data, allowing them to make better decisions about marketing strategies, pricing, or other areas.

All of this is further proof that you have to pick your next PMS carefully. Make sure you ask the right questions before you make any purchases…

8 Questions To Answer Before You Change Property Management Software

  1. Will it improve your guest experience?

    The last thing you want to do is pick a PMS that will affect your guests in any negative way. Even if you’re moving to a superior PMS, if the transition itself would alienate your guests, then it may not be worth it.

    The last thing you want to do is pick a PMS that will affect your guests in any negative way. Even if you’re moving to a superior PMS, if the transition itself would alienate your guests, then it may not be worth it.

    As always, your guest experience should be top of mind. By choosing the right PMS, you will streamline the guest experience, provide more amenities and features, and on the whole, make your guests’ lives easier.

    Make sure to consider any guest feedback and general information you have on why your guests chose to stay with you in the first place. If there is a key facet of the guest experience that would be affected or lost by moving to a given PMS, then you need to be prepared to address that change, or more likely, find a different PMS.

  2. Will it boost revenue and cut costs for your property?

    Second to your guest experience is your bottom line. As you have undoubtedly considered, will this new software be easier on your budget?

    Does your new PMS offer features or capabilities that will drastically improve efficiency or productivity, and therefore allow you to improve business processes for the same investment in your staff? Does your new PMS offer a pricing plan or service model that is more affordable?

  3. Will it integrate with other apps and tools?

    PMS that fails to accommodate your other key apps and software tools will be a big headache to implement. It means more work for your staff, which will affect your productivity and efficiency.

    The good news is that this is usually easy to verify. Major software developers and suppliers will clearly state which apps their software solutions integrate with.

  4. Will it safely and continuously store personal customer information and sensitive business data while processing countless transactions?

    Your new PMS must meet stringent security standards. No matter what features or benefits a given PMS offers, if it puts your client data at risk, it’s not worth using. Make sure it aligns with your current security posture.

  5. Will it allow you to easily view insights, analytics, and data in near real-time on any device?

    Guest data is the lifeblood of a well-organized hotel. You need to stay on top of your available rooms and other assets to develop the best experience for incoming and outgoing guests.

    That’s why your PMS should offer near real-time updates on your properties across devices in use by you and your management team. The more you know about your properties at any given moment, the better the experience you deliver.

  6. Does it offer outstanding customer support and onboarding?

    No matter how great a given PMS is, you will likely have to get in touch with its customer support team at some point. Make sure they offer the availability, communication methods (phone, chat, email), and pedigree you require.

    Furthermore, make sure you ask about their onboarding support. Will they work with you onsite to get the new PMS up and running? Or will you be left to figure it out on your own?

  7. Will it set you apart from your competitors and enable your organization to shine?

    With the other more essential and basic considerations taken care of, you should next ask yourself why you are moving to this PMS. Even if your first goal is to move away from a PMS that is not meeting your needs, whatever you move to shouldn’t just cover your basic needs, but allow you to excel and improve the way you do the things that you do every day.

  8. Will it automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks for you?

    Any PMS worth its salt will offer solutions that take care of tedious tasks. Your staff has better things to do than walk through the same simple tasks over and over, day after day. The right PMS will allow them to automate 90% of this work, and devote their time to more urgent and constructive work.

Don’t Rush To Your Next Property Management Software

The benefits of having the right PMS in a hotel’s operations are clear. It streamlines workflow processes, enables automation of mundane tasks to save time and money, improves the guest experience by providing personalized service, facilitates better decision-making through access to data-driven insights, and provides a platform for growth for the business as it scales up.

Need help selecting the right PMS? All Mountain Technologies is here to advise; we can ensure you get the answers to the questions above, and any others you may have long before you have to make any final decisions.

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