Meet The Team - Steven Shepstone

Steven Shepstone

“Like many employees today, I work exclusively remotely for All Mountain Technologies. Because of the time zone difference I work when everyone in Colorado is asleep.”

We are pleased to introduce Steven Shepstone, a new member to the All Mountain Technologies Team. We sat down with Steven, a Senior Systems Engineer, to ask him a few questions to understand what drives him to wake up every morning, ready to tackle complex technology problems that would have others pulling their hair out.

Where Are You From?
“I was originally born in the town of Secunda in South Africa. Secunda lies amidst the coalfields of the Mpumalanga province that is known for its extraction refinery that produces oil from coal. Today, I live in Bloemfontein, the capital city of the Free State Province of South Africa. In addition, this bustling city is the judicial capital of the nation as well as one of South Africa’s three national capitals. There is always something going on here.”

When Did You First Become Interested in Technology?
“I remember my father was huge into computers back in the 90’s the first time we got a 56k dialup modem, my mind exploded – I just had to find out how he was able to download music from other all around the world. From there, it just snowballed and I started really digging in the PC world.”

“In high school I used to format and reload computers for some pocket money and I was always the go-to-guy for hosting weekend long “LAN parties”

What Was Your Worst Job?
“I have only had one job and that is IT, I cannot see myself doing anything else and never even tried anything else. Solving new problems every single day with no two days being the same makes life very exciting and I can’t image myself in any other world besides the technology world. This is really the perfect job for me!”

What’s Your Favorite Hobby?
“In my spare time I am always grilling, I love spending hours outside grilling or smoking the perfect piece of meat for my family.”

What Can’t You Live Without?
“Besides the obvious, being my wife and kids, I would have to say my Moka pot, an awesome expresso is the only way to jump-start the day.”

What’s the Best Part of Your Day?
“Coming home to my family. I have been married to the most supportive and loving mother of our 2 girls for the past 7 years. We also have 2 little dogs called Tinkerbell and Amy, guess who’s name I got to pick.”

Steven joined the AMT team in 2020, he remotes into the office via the technology he loves so much. We are so happy to have him onboard and he is ready to solve any problem that might come up!