The new and improved Firefox Browser, Quantum


written by rob bruce posted on December 2, 2021

Whether you know nothing, a little, or a ton about browsers and their capabilities to enhance your ability to utilize the web, here is a little info on the new Firefox Quantum. So far, Google Chrome has been the leading browser but Firefox has a new, shiny, and much improved browser out there for the competition.  I found these articles to be both helpful to understand the new browser and how or why you would want to understand how your browser operates. Great reads and listen for the browser newbies and oldies. 

Wired provides two great articles, one that leads to a podcast about web browsing and net neutrality, the other is a review of the new browser, “Ciao, Chrome”, by David Pierce. He overviews his expectations for the browser, a comparison with chrome, and the realities of what Firefox Quantum has to offer. “It’s better than Chrome, faster than Chrome, smarter than Chrome. It’s my new go-to browser”, a quick read that definitely gets you on the bandwagon. 

Of course, Mozilla has a proper introduction for their new advancements, “It’s by far the biggest update we’ve had since we launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004, it’s just flat out better in every way.” The specs, “Fast for Good”, and when a company doesn’t have to over exaggerate their product you can trust that it’s at lest worth a look.

We’ve done a little trial of our own here at amt and found the browser to live up to the hype. Well, that’s why we chose to write about it after all. Firefox Quantum definitely has speed capabilities that have yet to be seen in a web browser. It’s strange to notice a greater speed capability than Chrome, but Quantum is just that much quicker. Whether you’re using the web to listen to music, research, upload, or listen to podcasts during a busy work week, Quantum can handle it with speed. Not only is Quantum quick, it also provides additional layers of security. If you decide to take the leap, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Plus, their icon is a red panda, who doesn’t love pandas?

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce

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