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8 Reasons VoIP Is Perfect For The Hospitality Industry


written by rob bruce posted on January 2, 2022

Traditional phone systems are a thing of the past.

Landlines are expensive, rigid, and inconvenient, so why not modernize your hotel’s phone systems? Staying connected is essential for any organization in the hospitality industry— and it’s easier than ever before.

Small and mid-sized organizations can now benefit from the reliable business phones that larger companies have, but without the high price tag and unnecessary complexities.

How? With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

What Is VoIP And How Does It Work?

VoIP systems use cloud technology to make calls instead of a traditional phone line, granting you greater connectivity, more features, and reduced costs. VoIP is a way of converting audio signals into digital data that can be transmitted and received over the Internet.

This technology allows your phone data to share much of the same equipment and Internet services you already have in place for normal Internet use. It also allows you to have your phone system extended to remote sites and mobile workers.

What’s Wrong With Your Current Phones?

  • Limited Hardware: One of the key problems with conventional phone systems is that they’re not easy to scale to the size of your business as it changes. As time goes on and the business’ size changes, you would have to pay for each and every new phone needed to accommodate that growth. Conventional phones also can’t integrate effectively with their mobile counterparts, which means having to place two calls to connect—one to the landline, and then one to the mobile phone.
  • Overly Expensive Monthly Bills: Do you know how much your last phone bill was? Try to think about all the fees that went into it—cost per line, local fees per line, long-distance fees per line, carrier fees, and on and on. VoIP simplifies the billing for communications, eliminating a range of surcharges that are expected with normal phones.

How Does VoIP Solve These Problems For Your Hotel?

Many of the common issues associated with conventional phones can be addressed with VoIP technology:

  • VoIP Is Scalable And Integrates With Mobile Technology: No matter how many new staff members or additional locations are added, VoIP can scale to meet those needs because the infrastructure is already there. Also, some VoIP services also offer mobile functionality, which allows users to make and receive calls via a smartphone app.
  • VoIP Is Inexpensive: Whereas traditional phones have to be purchased in full upfront, you can rent VoIP phones, allowing you to pay less, and gain a return on your investment on an ongoing basis.

8 Reasons To Switch Your Hotel To VoIP

  1. Simplified Support & Maintenance: Instead of a complex phone system based on local infrastructure, a VoIP system is accessed directly through the provider. That means that in the rare instance where an issue does occur, you only have to place a single call to your support team to get it addressed. Furthermore, while traditional phone service is subject to power outages and is dependent on an obsolete and decaying infrastructure, VoIP phone systems are not tied to a physical location and thus experience much less downtime than traditional phone service. Imagine being able to continue to talk to guests and clientele, even during a power outage or storm. Plus, since you can use your system off-site, you can still take calls during extreme conditions, such as a hurricane or flood.
  2. Much Lower Startup Costs: Perhaps the best reason to switch to a cloud-based Internet communications system is the low start-up costs. Unlike a traditional phone system, you don’t have to invest in a massive phone box, server and headsets, and phone models that were often locked into a particular provider. All you have to have for Internet phone service is Internet service and a VoIP-enabled phone or headset for each station.
  3. Improve Guest Service: VoIP systems allow you to harness powerful features that make dealing with high volume call periods much easier for your staff. Interactive Voice Response and auto attendant systems will allow guests to access the information they need without necessarily requiring direct contact with an already-busy staff member.
  4. Seamless Integration: VoIP systems can be integrated directly with your current CRM systems, allowing you to personalize the guest experience from the very first call they make to your hotel.
  5. Easy Collaboration: Another significant advantage to cloud-based phone service is the ability to connect and share data with other staff members and business contacts, no matter where they are located. Outside sales reps, employees who telecommute and home-office personnel can all easily be added to the same call.
  6. Automatic Upgrades: With a VoIP system, you’ll always have access to the latest technology. Your system will be automatically updated as new technology becomes available. You don’t have to invest in new hardware as you do when you upgrade your landline system. Plus, unlike older phone systems, cloud-based systems don’t have to be re-booted for an upgrade to be live, another way you’ll experience less downtime.
  7. Scale Up Or Down: VoIP systems also accommodate your company’s growth and can be as flexible as you are.
  8. Do you need five new lines to handle busy season phone traffic? Do you need to move phone lines from one location to another? Do you need to subtract an off-site line for a worker who no longer is with your company? These types of moves can be handled in a matter of seconds. Landline phone companies would require a service call.
  9. Unify Your Communications: A robust VoIP system allows you to bring your entire staff together on a single communications solution, enhancing the way they collaborate and stay up to date in their daily work.

How To Find The Right VoIP Solution For Your Hotel

There is a vast range of VoIP solutions available today, so make sure you find one with the following qualities:

  • Hospitality Experience & Expertise: Ensure that the provider you choose to work with has experience in your field and knows what you need to improve the way you run your business.
  • Investing In Value: Don’t automatically opt for the cheapest available option. By investing more in your communications system, you’ll ensure your staff has what they need to stay in touch with one another and meet guests’ needs each and every day.
  • Verify Available Resources: Make sure you have a benchmark for call volume during your busy seasons, and that your VoIP solution of choice can handle that capacity.

Need Expert Assistance Moving To VoIP?

Moving to VoIP does not have to be a cumbersome and time-consuming challenge—especially with help from All Mountain Technologies.

With a VoIP solution managed by All Mountain Technologies, you can get rid of the hassles of maintenance agreements, capital expenditure, truck rolls, and lengthy wait periods that traditional landline phones come with. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from our extensive expertise in supporting IT systems for members of the hospitality industry.

Don’t let your phone system hold your hospitality business back from its full potential any longer. Disentangle yourself from your landlines’ limitations and see what the freedom provided by a VoIP system can do for your hotel.

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce is CEO of All Mountain Technologies and is passionate about helping business owners succeed. He leads a dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering exceptional IT service and solutions. With over 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of the IT industry, Rob ensures that clients receive the highest level of support and guidance for their IT needs.