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What is Co-Managed IT Services and is it Right for your Business?


written by rob bruce posted on December 28, 2022

Co-managed IT is a model in which a company partners with an IT provider to jointly manage and maintain their IT systems. This approach can offer several benefits over traditional in-house IT or fully outsourced IT models.

What is Co-Managed IT Services and is it Right for your Business?

One advantage of co-managed IT is that it allows a company to retain control over their IT systems and processes, while still being able to leverage the expertise and resources of an external provider. This can help ensure that a company’s IT strategy aligns with their business goals and objectives

Co-managed IT can also provide a company with increased flexibility and scalability. With co-managed IT, a company can adjust the level of support and resources they receive from their IT provider based on their changing needs, without having to completely overhaul their IT infrastructure.

Finally, co-managed IT can help a company reduce the risks associated with managing their own IT, such as data breaches or technical outages. By partnering with an experienced IT provider, a company can benefit from their expertise and best practices in managing and securing IT systems.