Is Your Cybersecurity Defense Effective?


written by rob bruce posted on February 7, 2023

Successful cybersecurity is not static; it is important to continually learn about new threats and implement proven best practices to eliminate them. A simple way to do so is by tuning in to our cybersecurity webinar series. 

As cybercriminals continue making headlines around the world with expensive and damaging cyberattacks it is crucial for all organizations, large and small, to know about cyber threats and how to prevent them.

Do you and your team understand how to identify and address modern cybercrime tactics?

If not, then check out this 3-part cybersecurity webinar series from All Mountain Technologies  and Blackpoint Cyber featuring critical best practices for cybersecurity hygiene and up-to-date threat analysis…

Cybersecurity Tools for Business

Did you know that, on average, there’s a cyber attack every 39 seconds?

It could be a ransomware infection. It could be a phishing email. It could be one of the many other methods cybercriminals employ today. The point is that cybercriminals have an extensive arsenal of weapons to attack with—are you hoping your lone firewall will be enough to keep you safe from all of them?

This is why you need to understand how to harness and maintain a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools that will keep your business secure against the many types of weapons used by cybercriminals today. Discover everything you need to know in the first part of our cybersecurity webinar series:


Cloud Security

According to the Cloud Security Firm RedLock and its Cloud Security Trends report, more than 50% of businesses that use cloud services like Amason Simple Storage Service (S3) have unintentionally exposed at least one of these services to the public.

This growing trend of unsecured cloud configurations is due to businesses neglecting known vulnerabilities in the cloud, or failing to properly assess their cloud environment to discover unseen security risks. These researchers found that:

  • 38% of organizations have had an administrative user account compromised
  • More than 80% of businesses fail to mitigate cloud vulnerabilities
  • 37% of databases accept inbound connection requests from the Internet, seven percent of which receive requests from untrustworthy IP addresses

Cloud security is undeniably important, but still gets overlooked. Discover what you need to know in the second part of our cybersecurity webinar series:


Ransomware Gangs: Understanding Our Adversaries

Every day, cybercriminals attempt to adapt their methods to overcome new standards and defenses in cybersecurity. Nowhere is this more evident than with ransomware. 

Just a few years ago, ransomware wasn’t as big of a concern. While high-profile incidents like the WannaCry attack on the NHS were concerning, they were far and few between. If you had a recent backup of your data in place, you could rely on that to replace your data in the event it was encrypted by ransomware. 

Since then, however, the way cybercriminals use ransomware has evolved. They have improved their tactics and capabilities, allowing them to do much more damage, and demand much more money. 

Much of the threat of ransomware stems from modern “gangs” that follow a tried-and-tested approach in attacking their targets. They are essentially businesses, with marketing and sales teams, client relationship management practices, and honed service delivery standards.

As hackers standardize their attack vectors, it’s critical that you understand how they work and what threat they pose to your business.Discover what you need to know in the third part of our cybersecurity webinar series:


Why You Need Excellent Cybersecurity Hygiene

In today’s world, cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to breach systems and steal data or cause disruption. 

They use tools like malware and phishing attacks to target unsuspecting victims of cybercrime. As such, cybersecurity hygiene is essential for any organization that wants to protect itself from these threats. 

Adopting cybersecurity best practices can help organizations prevent attacks before they happen by implementing preventive measures such as cybersecurity training, multi-factor authentication, and data encryption. 

The question you need to ask yourself is whether you can confidently manage cybersecurity on your own. The short answer is “maybe, but probably not”. Especially for members of highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services.

In theory, it’s entirely possible that, if you’ve invested in the right technologies, and have the right skill set, you could handle cybersecurity for your business all on your own. You would find your vulnerabilities, manage your policies, monitor your alerts, and everything else that comes with operating a secure business IT environment. If we’re being honest, however, that’s a big if. 

When it comes to protecting against the ongoing, evolving cybersecurity threats in play today, managing cybersecurity is, understandably, a tall order. For all these reasons, it’s recommended that business owners simply outsource their cybersecurity for complete management by an IT company they can rely on

An internal cybersecurity manager or even an entire team can only offer so much in terms of availability, time, and skill sets. You might have the most talented person or people and they will still be limited in what they can do.

That’s why it’s wise to enlist expert assistance. You don’t have to handle cybersecurity on your own—the All Mountain Technologies team can equip you with the Blackpoint Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. 

Blackpoint MDR is an outsourced service that provides organizations like yours with threat-hunting services and responds to threats once they are discovered. MDR fully manages your cybersecurity defense, keeping an eye out for threats, as well as providing the expert team to address them when they occur.

What Does Blackpoint MDR Do?

This solution fulfills a number of key roles for organizations like yours:

Outsourced Cybersecurity Team

This MDR solution enlists an expert cybersecurity team from Blackpoint Cyber, which works in concert with AMT around the clock to identify, report, and eliminate threats. 

Environmental Threat Detection

MDR performs a series of vital functions including analyzing the types of risks that your organization may be exposed to. This can help you determine precisely what the most critical threats are.

Faster Response

MDR helps you fully understand exactly which cybersecurity threats you face, allowing you to act before a breach occurs. You can take action today and avoid a nightmare tomorrow. 

Threat Prevention

Proactive monitoring applies proven rules to your security system, delivering a higher level of breach management.

Confident Data Security

MDR allows you to take back control of your data security. It’s a reliable system that focuses on one thing—preventing cyber breaches from occurring.

Don’t Let Your Cybersecurity Hygiene Suffer

Working with our partner Blackpoint Cyber, All Mountain Technologies can help to ensure your business has the best cybersecurity hygiene. 

We’ll give you both the capability to better defend your business, as well as the expert support that you need to manage it. It’s a robust cybersecurity service that allows you to be confident in the way your business is defended.

Empower your business with our comprehensive cybersecurity solution, including co-managed IT services. Gain both the capability to enhance your defense and the expert support needed to effectively manage it. Our robust cybersecurity service ensures you can confidently safeguard your business. Take the proactive step towards a secure future – explore the advantages of our co-managed IT services today

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Rob Bruce

Rob Bruce

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